Saturday, February 28, 2009

One week

Well, it's been one week of sleeping in my new apartment. It is peaceful. Even with the boys here wrestling in the floor, it feels calm and peaceful.... and it's not a construction zone! Hallelujah!
God has provided so many people helping me this past week. My parents stocked my cabinets with groceries. My sweet step-dad (who is more like a real dad to me as I have no contact with the real one) came over and put in a light above my kitchen sink and a brighter bulb in the kitchen light since he knows I like a lot of light... and he lined my shelves in the kitchen too! My friend Jill helped me move things in that Chuck put on my doorstep as I couldn't move the furniture piece alone, and she helped me build a storage rack for my art supplies and then rearrange my furniture so my main living area perfectly accommodates my studio space and a living space all in one room. Jill truly rescued me that day since it was my most difficult of the week due to other emotional craziness happening. I was given a goody box of stuff, money stuffed in my pocket, phone calls from people to pray with me, a phone call from someone offering to come alongside and love on my sweet Sam, who internalizes everything.. these are just a few.

I was seriously hoping that this week, I could start regaining my life and do a little art but, Chuck has asked that I remove everything I own from the house so I will have to go back and pack and move again. I also can't afford a storage unit and have to find people to store a box or few here and there, for at least the next year. I keep wondering if I will ever have space in my life that is not surrounded by some kind of chaos... which makes me crazy! I need calm, people. I need settled. I need stability.

The boys are with Chuck this weekend for the first time. I miss them but have a bunch of things I'd like to accomplish this weekend while they are gone. But for right now, I'm going to go get dressed and go hike the mountain. I need it.


Connie said...

woohoo! I am so happy for you Angie! I will continue to keep you and the boys in my prayers!
enjoy your peace and calm.

linda t said...

Hey Angie... praying you have the sweetest weekend with the Lord... full of creativity and calm.

Would you take a moment and email me your new address for the new addition of the ODF Directory that is coming out soon... phone no... emails... etc.
Thanks Angie.