Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful morning

Our Bible Study brunch this morning was wonderful! Some of the members of class could not be there for our last day and that was sad. They were missed. We had our brunch at a wonderful home that is an oasis in the desert... in the midst of a busy city... you turn into the drive way and feel like you walked into the secret garden. We ate outside by the pool while sitting in the shade listening to the birds and sound of running water in the fountain. It's the most peaceful place I know in the valley. We had a wonderful time eating together and sharing what God has taught us this year. I hate to see it end. Because my need for income and work situation is so up in the air, I cannot commit to teaching again next year, at this time. Martha and Lori are in uncertain situations as well. Martha cares for her husband who is paralyzed by ALS and Lori is having to seek full time employment due to the economy... she and I are in the same boat. These two women were gifts to me this year. Truly. I could not have made it through this year teaching without them.

I left Bible study to head straight into 3 haircuts. I finished just in time to pick Max up from school but got a phone call asking to have him over for a play date so I didn't have to go get him. I worked on a sample for one of my upcoming classes at The Creative Quest. This class will be for fabric postcards. I want to make at least one more sample so I have two postcards for the samples to advertise the class. I got one finished and want to do another one tomorrow. I'd like to take my class samples for both classes to the store on Thursday.

Tomorrow morning I have an appt. at school to observe the 4th grade classes. At my kid's school, you are allowed to request the teacher you want. If you had one child in a certain teachers class one year and have another child coming along behind them and you request the same teacher, you automatically are granted your choice. So I know who Max will have next year. But for Sam, I have to go observe and put in my request. Tomorrow is a short school day too as my boys get out at 12:39 and 1:10. I have a haircut to do in the afternoon as well. It will be another busy day but a good day. I need to walk in the morning. It's starting to really get hot already ... over 100 today although it didn't feel that hot to me. I may go hike the mountain... maybe.

Has anyone noticed how INSANELY expensive blank transparencies are now? I use to buy them at Walmart and they don't carry them anymore. I went to the office supply place and almost fainted in the floor! There's no way on earth I'm paying $40. for a box. Yet I need them for my class I'm teaching at AU. Well, I just found some online and for less than that price, I was able to get 3 boxes totalling 150 sheets! They were on clearance! WoooHooo! I just ordered art business cards too so I'm getting myself set to advertise and make some money!

Ok, I'm heading to bed now. I'm really tired.

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Joanne Huffman said...

What a wonderful end to your Bible Study group. I bet everyone is hoping you'll be able to continue leading.