Thursday, April 9, 2009


OK, so I didn't make it back yesterday for an update. The day was crazy busy. So, here I go.

Last weekend, Chuck went to an all day class on Saturday so he didn't have the boys all weekend. He dropped them off with me from 8-6:30 that day. He had gotten free tickets to a local amusement type park a couple miles from here called Castles 'N Coasters. The tickets were for advance entry before general public and lunch was included. Now, I REALLY didn't want to go do this. It was Chuck's plan. But, I knew how much the boys would love it so I reluctantly took them trying not to let them see me dragging my feet. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. And, it turned out to be a wonderful day with my boys playing putt-putt golf, riding a log ride, watching them on bumper cars, and watching Sam, my more fearful child, ride a roller coaster ALONE, twice! I think he would have stayed on all day if I'd let him. The day was a gift from God. It really was. On the way home, we stopped at Blockbuster since I had a coupon for a movie. We watched "Bedtime Stories" as a wind down. That movie had us laughing so hard!

(bad photo taken by a stranger.. guess beggars can't be choosers)

Tuesday, I had my weekly Women's Bible study that I co-teach. This week was one of my favorite weeks. We started doing meditation the previous week, on the parable of the Sower and the seed. This week, we set up 4 interactive stations in our room. Each station had prompts or questions to ask yourself and God, etc...

Station 1: Meditating on art: pictures of the Sower and the Seed

Station 2: Observation table: a table full of a variety of seeds and seed pods

Station 3: The discipline of study: hand outs on topics about seed germination, dormancy,
dispersal ( no pictures here because the women took the handouts and went outside to meditate)

Station 4: watercolor

The women divided up and rotated at will amongst the various stations. It was an eye opening morning as we learned so much about God through seeds!

Here is my journal page I did that morning:
At the end of the morning, we all gathered back in a circle. Martha and I had taken a closing question to meditate on, printed and cut them into strips, rolled them up, and tucked them into seed pods. Each woman took a pod, removed the question and meditated on it for the last 15 minutes of our time together. We had all the pods sitting in this beautiful large handcarved wooden bowl with other nature goodies. Isn't it beautiful? Many of my favorite colors! It was such a great morning!
Yesterday morning, I hiked the mountain and it was gorgeous out. I hiked a little later, like around 11:45 so there was hardly anyone there. A really nice breeze kept me cool as burst of wind wrapped around me.

Since I had the boys all day last Saturday during Chuck's usual time with them, he agreed to take them after school yesterday and keep them over night. So, I was able to go to our monthly art group meeting held here locally at The Creative Quest in downtown Glendale. We had a guest speaking about taking better pictures and then, we got to take an existing little photo book and turn it into this:
I'm dying over this paper! I LOVE it! While I was at the store last night, I spoke with one of the owners, Kathie, whom I just love, and we booked me two different teaching dates! So now I have to crank out some class samples to get to her because obviously, the longer the samples are in the store before the class, the more likely the class will fill! So, I'll be starting that this morning. I'm so excited!

I was suppose to meet with a women yesterday who is starting an art studio opening next month but she had to change the meeting date so I'll meet with her on Monday and see if I can get scheduled with her as well!

I got notification last night from Linda with Art Unraveled, and I have 13 people signed up for my class that I'll be teaching there in August! WoooHooooo!!!!!! I think I can only take a few more so if you are reading this and coming to AU with an interest in my "One Page at a Time" book class, better sign up quick because it's almost filled!

OK, so now I have kept my word and updated here and I need to get to work on some samples before I have to get dressed and take lunches up to the school!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, I'm still getting caught up on my blog reading and am only now getting to read postings from when I was in Ireland. It really looks like you're putting things together in your new life - always difficult, but also exciting. The day at the amusement place looks great, Bible study continues to be a source of peace and joy to read about, and your art is a gift to all of us.