Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My hike

Today, the desert was not brown... unless it was wearing fur. The little chipmunks are a regular site and every morning I hike, I kick myself for forgetting to take seeds for them. They'll take things right out of your hands! And they are scampering everywhere! So cute! The desert squirrel is a very rare sight. I've only seen maybe 2, EVER, here.

Today, the desert was red and yellow!

I love how everything is blooming. I got soooo lucky with this shot of the hummingbird!

I love the color of this desert grass.
I had a really nice hike up the mountain this morning. I ran by the dollar store and beauty supply for a few things and then home to clean up and do a couple of haircuts. Max had a friend over while Sam went to a friend's house after school. Max is SOOOO into his gardening that all he wants to do is plant things.

This evening, I went to a 'lecture" so to speak, to hear Kathy Cano-Marillo, Cyndi Coon, and Lisa Jacobs speak about turning "craft to business". It was encouraging to hear their stories and to learn a few things too.

Now, it's late and time for me to get to bed!


perilloparodies said...

OOOH!! Looks like such an enjoyable outing... love the colors or nature near you!! Hi, I found you off of CPArtists, and thought I would come by and browse around. Hope that is alright. Hope you have a great day. And, I liked your "piece of you" painting. it is very personal, and something that speaks from the heart. Nice.


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Joanne Huffman said...

Your desert photos are always so cool to see (definitely different landscape than Michigan).