Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, sadly, the pink fabric with the coolest pattern ever, did not work. I have to find something that will set the beet dye. Vinegar did not work in this instance. However, at least I know how to create that particular pattern so I'll try it with something else.

Here is the shirt I did last night with soft scrub, stamped with broccoli stems! I think it will look better on. I really like it! :)

And this is another project I'm in the middle of:
These are Sam's new shoes. He has a very hard to fit foot and this is one brand we've had good luck with for him. They only had the white shoes in his size, which actually fit me now too... and he didn't like all the white. He wanted the black ones but no such luck. So, I am using alcohol inks and painting in the graffiti in fire colors, his favorites! I like how they are turning out! I need to hurry up with them so he can actually wear them!

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Joanne Huffman said...

The sneakers look great and I bet you will look fabulous in the shirt.