Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thrifting score!

Ok, I know I haven't posted much lately. I've been busy working, hangin' with my boys, and really focusing on class proposals for retreats for 2012. There are deadlines a year in advance, ya' know.

After work, I usually rush to get my kids but since they are staying with their dad all weekend, yesterday, I came home leisurely and stopped by a thrift store for the first time in months! The fact that I haven't been to even a thrift store in months is just sinful. Well, I didn't score a lot of stuff or anything but.... Just look at this gorgeous sari I found! And check out the price!!!! There is no tag in it but I believe it is silk, as they are usually made of silk or cotton and this is definitely not cotton! It feels like pure, rich luxury! So anyway, last week, I took the doors off of my closet because it was totally not functional for me. I want to put curtains up instead. When I saw this sari, I knew I found my fabric! And, the best part will be that I only have to cut and sew ONE seam on the hanging end of each piece. I'm going to use curtain clips so I don't even need a pocket! There appears to be at least 5 yards of fabric so I will be creating some matching window treatments for my other windows as well. As you can see, it is beautiful with my velvet bedspread... which really needs the cat hair cleaned off of it. Bob sleeps with me every night at the foot of the bed. sigh.... Anyway, I'm so happy to have found this and at a smokin' deal. Can't wait to get them up. I need a spring rod to put up. I already have the curtain hook ring thingies.

The only other thing I got was a pair of Levis for Max. He'll grow into them probably by mid fall. He still only will wear black Levis and he's so stinkin' skinny. I just purchased a new pair for him a few days ago and those suckers are $38. per pair!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, I had a $10. off coupon. But, I found a pair at the thrift store, next size up, for $4.99! Score! He's really hard to fit right now because if I get the length to be a good fit, even slims are too large in the waist! A sz. 10 is ringing that "line" of his ankle bordering too short but they fit perfect in the waist. Size 12 slim are great for length but too big in the waist... and not just a tiny bit. The new pair I got were 11 slim and they will work. A tiny bit big in the waist but wearable and a good length. I bought a 12 at the thrift store. I knew they were in our future and just couldn't pass up the price. It's soooo hard finding black Levis anywhere, much less a thrift store!

So, now I'm going to get ready for church and play with the 3 year-old's first hour and then go to the service. Three is the perfect kid age. They are so stinkin' funny!

A few days ago, I stopped in the middle of the road in a neighborhood and snapped these photos of this gorgeous blooming desert plant in someone's yard. Love the contrast of color against the sky.


linda t said...

YES! You scored big Angie! Good for you!
Praying you enjoy today... that you can complete your proposals and that they all get accepted!
Btw, Emolyn wants red, curly hair so bad! Just like yours. She's a big Ariel fan... watches The Little Mermaid on VHS at our house every Thursday... so she was pretty thrilled to meet someone that looks like Ariel! haha!

Aiyana said...

You left a comment on my blog, Water When Dry today, and I was so surprised when I checked out your blog--I've been visiting it for months. Perhaps we ran into each other at some art class--I can't remember how I came across your blogsite. Do you get involved in charm, chunky book or ATC trades? Attend Art Unraveled? Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise!

Joanne Huffman said...

What a great find! I bet it will make great curtains for the windows and closet.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Love the desert flowers, amazing.