Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas day

The boys were raring to go early this morning but we didn't actually get to mom's until almost 9:00. She had a nice spread ready and boy was it good! The boys, of course, wanted to open their gift first. Since their stockings were buried in the storage shed, I went to the dollar store and purchased a couple of cheapies for this year and stuffed them. Their main gift was a Wii, which they have wanted for months. Some family members also kicked in to help with the purchase and to them, we are grateful. Here are a few shots from the day:

After breakfast, I hit the Scrabble board and played FIVE games, back to back. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets! I couldn't concentrate any more after that! I won 3 of the 5. I snapped a few photos myself of me with each of the boys.
Max monopolized my mom most of the day playing games or doing "find a word" puzzles while I played Scrabble with Fred. Sam played on the computer much of the day.

Max then caught me in the floor and tried smothering me in kisses. He's such a character.

Trying to kiss me a million times is something Sam wouldn't be caught dead doing. I can't even get ONE from him. But Max... well, he's like a ladies man at age 7 and it scares me silly to think of him as a teenager. Are there convents for boys?

Chuck left for the afternoon to bring the Wii home and get it all hooked up and the programs loaded, etc. So now the boys are boxing each other. I think they will enjoy this thing and have fun competing with each other.

It rained all day and let me just say, "I'M SICK OF RAIN!!!!" I need some sunshine, people. I can't handle so much rain. It seriously depresses me. However, it started to clear on our way home and the sky was beautiful with the sunset and we even got a rainbow.

When we got home, we found that "Santa" a.k.a., my neighbors Willa and Alec, had delivered gifts to the boys "fort". They now have 4 new chairs, fake plants, snacks, and a box of craft supplies so Sam, Max, Mariah, and Roman can all have lots to do while hanging out in their fort. It was the sweetest and most generous gesture. Max was jumping up and down screaming "This is the best Christmas ever!" (the fort was his brainchild) Willa played innocent while he showed her all the things. We love our neighbors and couldn't ask for better... and not because of their generous gifts but they are genuinely kind people.

So, now it is the end of the day. I'll soon be putting boys to bed and heading there myself shortly. After all the concentrated Scrabble time, my eyes are really tired. I love playing that game. I'm sure I can play online but am afraid I'd get addicted and never get anything done if I started. ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing day as we did.


Joanne Huffman said...

This is my second attempt to leave a comment; the hotel internet connection went wonky for a bit. Anyway, your Christmas sounds like a delightful family day. And, there IS online Scrabble...


Maija said...

Your photos are wonderful, Angie and you are so beautiful!!!