Monday, December 1, 2008

What a weekend!

OK, first of all, I'm ready to protest kids being out of school for holidays! Listening to the bickering and tattle-telling all weekend just about did me in! And, gee, Christmas break is only weeks away! Anyone need company of two little boys? I promise, it won't be boring!

I spent Saturday cleaning out my bedroom, closet, drawers, organizing, etc... It was a job that was long over due. And since I'm limited to really what can be done with my house right now due to the continued construction stuff, I tackled the bedroom. Just wanted to show this:
Yes, this is the bouquet of flowers that I keep in a crystal vase by my bed. Do I have tacky taste? No! But these are love flowers from my boys. Sam got me the red poinsettias when he was maybe 4. He chose them while he was at the grocery store with Chuck that Christmas. Now you have to know this... Sam is not very demonstrative of his love for me so anything I have is a big deal. The tissue paper flowers they have made and the flag, which Sam wrote "mom, mom, mom" all over, is part of the love bouquet too. I have kept these by my bed for the past 5 years and have no intentions of removing them. They are a sweet reminder for me. Do they match my decor? Heck no! But who cares?

And these:
I keep this tiny pair of my boys soft, sweet baby socks in my sock drawer. They were my favorites that they each wore when they were newborns. I often take them out, open them up, and marvel that they were ever so tiny. These are another of those odd things that my boys will some day find tucked away in my drawer after I'm gone, when they are cleaning my things out. But I hope they know that they aren't just baby socks tucked away in my drawer, they are precious memories tucked away in my heart.Link

Today, I have already walked down to church, set up for my Bible Study class tomorrow morning, walked home, and now to get a few things done around here. I have a counseling appt. later this afternoon and book club this evening, for which I need to provide food since this months book was my choice. We read "Incidents in the life of a slave girl" by Harriet Jacobs.

This week will be super busy for me. Beginning Thursday, I will be taking a 3 day workshop in East Scottsdale at the Brio Fine Arts Center with artist, Nancy Reyner.
Due to traffic, I'll have to leave my house about 8:00 every morning with hopes of making it there by 9:00. Class will get out at 3:00 and then the drive home. I've set up after school play dates for my boys and then on Saturday, my mom is planning to watch them while Chuck continues work on the construction project. While I'm very excited about this workshop, I also know that it's pushing my capacity. I've never signed up for a 3 day workshop because I know how wiped I get, especially when I'm painting. But I just couldn't pass this up! I signed up months ago! So, by Sunday, I'll be toast. Happy toast though.


Joanne Huffman said...

The bouquet is lovely and is a great mom treasure. I hope you enjoy the painting class.


Anonymous said...

When I lived in CO, Karen and I attended a Golden products demo given by Nancy. She was very informative with an outgoing demeanor. I suspect her workshops are terrific and am glad you have this opportunity. Have fun!