Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little catch up

Lots of stuff has happened over the past few weeks. Emotional roller coaster on many levels... lots of processing.

My boys are on spring break this week and are with their dad for the week. However, change is very difficult for Sam and he has not been able to stay the whole time. He's been going back and forth all week. I have been spending the week doing MAJOR clean out and organizing in my house. I was fortunate enough to be given a gift certificate for a professional organizer to come over for a couple of hours! Rather than spend that time actually "doing" stuff, I spent the time consulting with her, talking about my problem areas and talking through solutions. She was a tremendous help! Susan, you are awesome! And, if you all are interested in some help but aren't local, Susan does telecasts! So, I'm still chugging away. Learning how to use my new label machine. I think I may need a 12 step program for this thing. :)

Today, I got to have both boys for the day. We went to the Desert Botanical Garden. It got really warm today! EEK! I got some good photos too but, in a few weeks, when more things are blooming, it will be an ideal time to go solo with camera and sketchbook in hand. Here are some shots from the day though:

Yesterday, Sam got his braces off for phase 1 of his treatment. Phase 2 will be down the road after the remainder of his baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth come in. What a difference phase 1 made though! I was thrilled to get a natural smile from him. It's a very rare thing for me to capture. He actually didn't know I snapped this shot exactly when I did! hehehe! Love this picture of him though. One of my favorites. Can't believe he'll be 12 in less than 6 months!
Then, there's Max, my silly guy who refuses to cut his hair, is into Michael Jackson, trying to learn to moonwalk, wears a Fedora every day, and thinks ties are great! He's just a crack up. I have chosen not to go to war over the hair but geez, I often find myself questioning my sanity in such a decision. He gets pretty mad being mistaken for a girl too but so far, that hasn't prompted the haircut. One day, he'll look back and be horrified that he wore his hair like this and thought it looked good. Ya'll know what I'm talkin' about. We've all been there.Max feeding a little squirrel.

These two shots were taken by Max!

Ok, back to organizing for me. I'll go hike in the morning and then spend the whole day seeing exactly how much stuff I can get done here in the house before I have to get back working on Saturday!


Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck with the organizing. Knowing what to do is more than half the battle, so your consulting time was well spent. Your photos look great.

The Everything List said...

love the pictures from the botanical garden!

i responded to your comment in my post. i did this all on a budget! stay tuned for a budget diy tutorial!