Sunday, July 10, 2011

Corrections and truth tellers

Ok, so this morning, I had a letter in my email box from a fellow artist friend. She thought I would be mad at her for telling me the truth about my fabric dyEing. First of all, I have been misspelling it! How embarrassing!!!! Secondly, she started dyeing in the late 70's and has corrected me about what I am doing with fabric which isn't actually "dyeing" since I don't use chemicals, but is technically "staining". Am I mad at the correction? Gosh no! I want to have people in my life who are truth tellers in a kind way and I'm thankful that this was one of those times. I'm so grateful that she told me! All of this fabric I have been "staining" has never been intended to be used to make clothing or other items that will repeatedly go through the wash. I wash everything to see if the stain immediately comes out so I know that it can be used to create something, whether it be at small art quilt for the wall, a fabric book, an art doll, etc... these items are never washed so, as an artist who makes these kinds of things, I would not worry about a stain in the fabric that would eventually fade or wash out if I were to wash it multiple times. I think it would take quite a lot of washing for the rust to come out but, if washed over and over and over, I trust what I was told about this and it would eventually fade and wash out. The fabric pieces I have been staining are not intended for that purpose. I will be selling them with full disclosure as I will not be dishonest about it at all. I'm so thankful when someone tells me the truth, no matter what it is. Thank you, Marilyn!!!!! You are a true friend.

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