Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still dyeing

I keep fabric in my "rust pot" all the time since it takes an average of 5-7 days for the color to develop to my satisfaction. Lots of manipulating and "babysitting" rusting fabric. And when, oh when will I remember to wear gloves?! The stains underneath my fingernails are horrid!

Been playing around a bit more with something else but I want to see who can guess what I used to dye this fabric. However, it has not passed the wash test yet so I'm praying! I heat set it tonight and have two more pieces not completely read yet. What do you think?

I find it completely fascinating that I only used ONE thing to dye this fabric and look at the color variations! I love the element of surprise in the dyeing process. I just hope and pray it stays in the wash!

Usually, I have to work on Saturday's but I was off today. I went to a 2 hour demo at the local Art Supply store. It was with watercolor artist, Carole Hillsbery. Her work is fabulous. Very wet, messy, and drippy, which I LOVE but is so opposite of how I work which made the demo even more of a learning process for me. I can't wait to paint now and see how I do playing around with some of the techniques I learned just listening to her talk while she painted! I enjoyed myself tremendously! A friend met me there and there were three other artists there that I know from The Creative Quest! Carole works her paintings upright, on an easel. I was watching and thinking, "Oh, I need to get a board to mount my paper on." Well, I walked in Goodwill in the same shopping strip and guess what I found for $4.99?! The exact drawing board like Carole was using! I use to have one when I was taking drawing classes years ago but it broke. I was so glad to find such a great deal. I take it as a sign that I'm on the right track.

My boys have been with their dad a couple of days so I got to pick them up tonight. We came home and made pizza and watched a movie. This, of course, is mine... the boys eat their so boringly (is that a word?) plain.Well, I stayed up to an ungodly hour last night and didn't get enough sleep, thanks to Kenzy... those of you that have cats, know exactly what I'm talkin' about. They are creatures that memorize a schedule and it's locked in their brains forever. He knows I'm usually up between 5-6 a.m. And he's like a vulture who acts as if he's never eaten in his life. I've never known a cat to love food like he does. He'll eat almost anything. Bob and Marvin are not into the morning breakfast routine. Kenzy acts like he's dying of starvation even though he has access to food 24/7. It's a wonder he isn't overweight. I think if he were another breed, I'd have to really be concerned. For some reason, he stays long and lean. Anyway, I didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. which is very unusual for me. I started waking up about 6 but went back to sleep. When Kenzy finally wouldn't leave me alone, he woke me licking my back and then buried his face in my hair and started nibbling my head. When I woke, I woke from a dream about him! In my dream, he had somehow gotten out of the house and roamed a while. (my cats are strictly indoor cats) Well, he came home from this little adventure and got really sick to his stomach. (kinda' gross) He vomited up a WHOLE Koi fish that was still alive! LOL! I was staring and thinking, "How did he swallow that huge thing whole? And what am I going to do with this live fish? I have to get it to water or it will die!" And then I woke up to Kenzy nibbling on me. What a weird dream! LOL! Anyway, I gave up on sleep and got up around 8 and fed him. I'm one of those people that when I'm up, I'm up. And no, he didn't get a whole Koi for breakfast! hehehe! So, it's been a busy day but now it's about 11:30 so I need to get to bed. Anyone still out there reading? Let me know you are here! Tell me what you have done creative this weekend!

P.S. Just went around the corner and look what I found:
All three furry boys in my human boys bathroom floor. Obviously one of the boys left their damp towel on the floor and it's positioned right where the a/c blows. They are all trying to cool off. Poor Marvin got stuck on the rug. He's not aggressive enough to wiggle his way for a spot on the cool towel. Silly boys.


Joanne Huffman said...

Your fabrics look beautiful! I look forward to seeing your watercolors (both old style and new experiments).

Leslie said...

Kenzy must be the Abyssinian, right? They are such a neat color. I've never owned one but a friend had one and that cat was fascinating.
Did you dye the fabric with grapes still on the stem? That might account for some of the green tinge.