Friday, July 25, 2008

Different AU trades

I was thinking.... if I were to encounter someone at AU that wanted to do a trade but also had participated in the official AU INchie swap, then my trades would almost be duplicates since my trade INchies are made from the same background at my swap INchies. So... I decided to make little ephemera/misc. stuff packages. I only made 8 but they were super quick and easy. I started out with baseball trading card sleeves that many of us use for ATC's. Well, I had a pack of them but they were all so stuck together sealed shut that I couldn't separate them to actually use them as sleeves. I have been wondering what to do with them. Well, I came up with the idea of just using the whole "sleeve" as a single sheet of clear plastic and stitched it to a piece of text taken from an old atlas! This created a small pocket that holds:
2- 2x3 sheets of Hebrew text
2-2x3 sheets of Asian text
3 buttons
12 inches of 2 different pieces of vintage lace/trim
1 tiny rubber/plastic animal
1 vintage German tea drip catchers (called Tropfenfangers)
1 Moo card

I think they turned out cute and I'm glad to have come up with an idea to use the stuck card sleeves!

Oh, I almost forgot! In one of my groups, I was asking how to make a fellow bloggers name clickable without seeing the entire link. Margaret told me how to do it so I'm giving it a try! Thanks Margaret! And for those of you who haven't visited Margaret's blog before, you need to see her totally cool and unique watercolor paintings! And she's a master doodler too!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Great recycling there Angie!

jackie said...

These are so cute! Each recipient will be lucky!