Saturday, July 19, 2008

What I'm doing today

It's pajama day! Yippee! I love having pajama days and take them as often as I can. Today, I focused on cleaning off one of my art tables which has been totally buried in fabric while I have been making my Quiltlets. I have put all my fabrics away now and can see my table!

I got my watercolor paper cut, eyelets set, and wire hooks added ready to mount on the back of my quiltlets. I have recovered and padded my chair which I sit on at my computer. The funny thing is that it's the most pathetic recovering job. I ran out of staples for my staple gun and had to resort to duct tape to hold the fabric on so I could put the screws back in the seat but hey, it sure feels better... even if it doesn't look that neat! I used a swatch of this huge chunk of fabric someone gave me.

I also did a 5x8 fused piece using lace, vintage text, fabrics, onion skins, skeleton leaves, tissue, and dried flowers, among other bits and pieces. I used Translucent Liquid Sculpey clay. This piece will get cut down into inchies for the Art Unraveled inchie swap. I'm waiting for my embellishments to arrive in the mail to finish them. Here's the piece.
I used a large index file card with tab as my backing so it's really surdy. I think next time I want to start with an entire sheet of vintage text and layer from there. I wonder if it would be a really different look than what I got here? I dunno. I like doing some of these ahead of time because they can be cut up and used for so many things. I really, really want a heat press so I can use Tar Gel. It leaves a more heavy, leathery feel to the stuff and the heat press does all the work for you. With the tar gel, you have to have pressure with the heat (no pressure needed with TLS) but using a regular iron for the tar gel... well, let's just say you need really strong wrists for all that pressure... and it takes way longer doing it that way! Ah... some day... maybe I'll get that heat press!

Well, time for some lunch and then I'll be back in the studio to mount my quiltlets. I may get started on my altered t-shirt dress too.... now that I can see my cutting mat! LOL!


Joanne Huffman said...

Angie, I just caught up on your blog. Oh, my! You've been very busy the two weeks I was gone. I love all your quilties and your leather watercolor journal is stupendous. Your rust dying looks very cool. It's ALL good.


Judy said...

Hi Angie - love those quiltlets -yum texture and the rust - well you know me and rust.
Thanks for my blog comment too - xo

kathy mc said...

Wish I was going to Art Unraveled. Have fun! Love your inchies. And that fabric on your chair is gorgeous. I love PJ day's too.