Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Featured... and other stuff

If you guys haven't yet discovered the blog "Layers Upon Layers", you are missing out. This is Cyndi Lavin's blog and she spends so much time keeping it up. It's always interesting and informative. If you haven't ever visited her, you must!
She not only features various artists, posts the latest challenges from all over the place, features techniques, places, well, you name it... she covers the whole span of stuff any artist wants to know. She had posted a question "What is your favorite thing you have created this summer?". I sent her my pictures of my Senegal girl and my Cactus blossom book and today, I am featured on her site! Anyway, go over and visit her! Don't forget to subscribe to a feed so you never miss anything!

Well, on the home front, we got Chuck off to Alaska yesterday after celebrating his 50th birthday on Monday. He had a guy gathering Sunday evening of several of his closest friends over at one of his very best friend's house. That was what he really wanted for his birthday. He had a great time with the guys. On his actual birthday, well, work always gets in the way at some point but we did manage to get out. He wanted to take the boys to the movie Wall-E so we did that and then had cake and ice cream and he opened his gifts.

On the way home from the airport, we picked up one of the boys friends from church... Sam #2. When they are all together, they are called Sam 1 and Sam 2. It gets really confusing having two boys with the same name! Funny that they are now use to having a number following their name and answer appropriately! LOL! Sam 2 was actually give the number either at school or swim team, can't remember where... but his mom clued me in on it and it's worked like a charm! hehehe!

I have some fabric rusting right now and am in the process of making a new watercolor journal so I'm ready for my class at Art Unraveled. I feel a headache trying to ruin my day so I better go eat something so I can take my Excedrin.

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shirleymcc said...

Hi Angie!
I am looking forward to seeing you in less than a month!!!
Love the HG box you did, and the 50th birthday things you did for Chuck.