Thursday, July 3, 2008

HGDT new art

I got a new shipment of fun goodies for my design team work with Hannah Grey. This small metal hinged boxed called to me immediately and I wish I had a few more to play with! It measures 1-1/2 inches. I inked it with Staz-on ink in black and timber brown. The image is from a Queens Dresser Drawer collage sheet. I added rusty metal wire (also from HG) and then diamond glaze. It was only after I finished it that I realized what a perfect little box it would be for inchie storage! It would also be darling on a necklace as a little treasure box/ locket! Can't you just see it? It's pretty light weight too. Now I need more to play with!

Today my friend Becky came over and spent some time with us. We tried to do paper mache' with my boys... they asked... but lasted about 5 minutes. Sam was totally grossed out by the feel of the stuff and Max practically bathed in it but quickly got tired of the process. Max was attempting to make Saturn and Sam wanted a penguin. I worked on them for a while and then realized I'd so rather be doing something else and wondered why I was wasting my precious time. The whole point was for me to do something fun with the boys... yet I was sitting in the floor by myself working on THEIR stuff! Forget it! Oh well... I tried...


Joanne Huffman said...

The box is adorable. And, your paper mache story brings back so many memories of projects I tried to do with my girls when they were little.


kathy mc said...

This is very cool!