Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a quick catch up

I have been so busy. Actually, I stay really busy. Trying to piece together an income with two kids under foot amongst just daily errands and such... well, it's just a lot of stuff!

Still no word about any of my stolen items being recovered. I made a flyer and drew diagrams of all my jewelry and am making my way around to pawn shops. I found out that they hold merchandise for THREE months before it ever goes out to the floor so the reality is that my stuff is amongst a massive pile of stuff in a back room waiting to go out to the floor for sale in September in one of the vast number of pawn shops. I ran to 4 different shops today with one kid in tow in less than 25 minutes!!! And that's only 4 on the list! Anyway, you can bet they'll be seeing me again if I don't hear from the police before then.

My friend, Fran, gave me a digital camera to use but I need to get batteries for it. In the meantime, my camera on my computer allowed me to take this picture yesterday:
This is Max with his kitty critter he made! I'm putting together some kids art classes that I'll be teaching during July and one of them is a parent/child class.... how to take a child's drawing and turn it into a softie! This is Max's kitty laying down... it's suppose to be Kenzy, our cat! I think it's so cute! He sewed almost the entire thing himself with just a little help and instruction. It was his first experience with a needle and thread and he did great... and he's now also obsessed. He got in the car today after his summer school class and said immediately, "I want to sew when I get home." And sew he did. He made a little hanging case for my reading glasses and he embrodered a little piece that says "I love you" and I didn't even show him how to do that!!! He also made Sam a fabric wallet as well as a couple of Beanie Baby capes! He has been a busy little bee. Now Sam has decided he wants to learn too! LOL! Sam has drawn out his pattern and Max has another drawn up as well. Guess I'll be teaching more sewing over the next couple of days. But boy, does it get really quiet when Max is working on his projects!

I have managed to make 3 little Moo card holders using reclaimed silk necktie fabric. They are really cute. I plan to make several more as well as regular size business card holders to sell at Art Unraveled.

I have been presented with an opportunity to teach some classes at a new weekend art retreat that is planned for a weekend in April in Texas! I'm very honored to have been approached. There are many details that would have to be worked out for me to do this, namely... care for my boys for a few days. But, I think I can farm them out to a few different people. I don't want the burden to fall on my mom the whole time. They are high energy together and she'd be completely worn out having them both that entire time. What would be really great would be someone who just wants to come hang out with them at home for the weekend so Kenzy won't be left out of attention too! Anyone want to volunteer for anything?! :) Anyway, I have to make a decision about moving forward with this quickly because it just happens to be that the deadline to submit classes is the same deadline date for Art Unraveled proposals for 2010 which is Sept. 15th! EEK!

I have someone coming in the morning for a private class to learn to make mixed media fabric postcards. She happens to be someone whom I've not yet met but has also signed up for my class at Art Unraveled in August! I'm looking forward to some time with her tomorrow getting to know her. It will be a fun morning.

I've spent part of the day cleaning my apartment and clearing off one of my art tables to make space for teaching tomorrow morning. I'm almost finished so I'd better go get that done! It's getting late!


Jennifer said...

My goodness... you sure sound busy! The critter Max made is adorable, wow... he is sure talented!! Kids art classes sound like so much fun, what a great idea!

Joanne Huffman said...

I bet your kids classes will be a great success.


Karen Campbell said...

I can't tell you how much I love this big kitty kritter!!