Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breakfast Art

First of all, thanks to everyone for all the sympathatic comments on my book post as well as encouraging words. I'm getting over it...

Yesterday morning, Max asked for his breakfast and then gave instructions to make it look like a face on his plate. OK, so here we go... 2 poached eggs, sausage, and an english muffin!

I watched "Surf's up" with the boys yesterday. It was a cute movie. Then, Chuck ended up going out for a bit so I watched a movie myself, which is way overdue from Blockbuster and has to go back TODAY! It's called "The Ultimate Gift". I really, really enjoyed this movie and recommend it for those of you looking for a good flick.

We have finally made it through all the Star Wars movies too... I even watched some of the special edition bonus material on the making of Episode 3 and wow, is that fascinating! I was very impressed with George Lucas and he won a soft spot in my heart when I saw that amongst all the amazing technology in making this movie, he writes long hand on notebook paper! Amazing! Did you guys know that it took over 2 years to make that movie and over 900 people worked on it? YIKES!

OK, gotta' go get some coffee made.


Joanne Huffman said...

I agree with Max, thumbs up on the breakfast art. I hope you find more movies to enjoy.

Linda T said...

That is great food art. All my kids were allowed some creativity from time to time with food, and they look back on those times with great fondness. They also liked it when I'd cut bologna slices into the Batman emblem. Max, I liked it.

Unknown said...

Max's breakfast is making me hungry! I haven't had poached eggs in ages! Yummy presentation! Have you ever put raisin faces on pancakes or been asked to pour out pancakes in animal shapes? That's what happens when you are a creative mom. Your kids think you can do ANYTHING. lol