Thursday, October 11, 2007

Losing a tooth

Well Sam, now age 8, just finally pulled out his first top tooth last night. It's been loose for a while but he's a big chicken and wouldn't pull it. Well, last night, I accidentally bumped his mouth and it knocked it even looser. He went to the bathroom and worked on it a while. Here's what I found when I checked on him:

He seems to always wait to pull a tooth when the new tooth is already coming in. Thankfully, this top was is just beginning to come it but gosh, doesn't he look funny? Doesn't he have the prettiest eyes though? They are not mine so I can brag! LOL! Max has my eye color.

I finally, finally, finally have made myself a Doctor's appt. for today to have my back checked. I truly don't remember not having back pain but it's just gotten worse so I have an appt. this morning. Then, Fran and I are going to meet up for lunch! Oh happy day!!!!

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