Sunday, October 7, 2007

Where does the time go?

I have to get better about posting more regularly. I don't know where the time goes in between posts!

I, once again, have a sick kiddo. Sam came home from school Friday running fever and had a headache. Yesterday early evening, then he started complaining about a sore throat and when I looked at it, sure enough, it's gonna' show up strep. My pediatrician's office opens today for 4 hours so I"ll be on the phone at 8:00 to get him in. He will have to miss school tomorrow because we won't make it on time for having him on antibiotics and fever free for 24 hours. This really blows my plans out of the water. The boys were going to have a play date with friends tomorrow after school giving me the ENTIRE DAY to myself! From 7:30-5:00! Well, that's not happening so I better pipe down. :( I had planned a couple of hours at a prayer garden alone and then I'd go to church and set up for my women's Bible study class for Tuesday, and then have my own art date at home. Booohooooooo! I'm so bummed this won't happen now! I'll still have to go set up for my class so I'll have to leave Sam with Chuck. I need to call my girlfriend and change the play date too.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day on the couch with another sinus headache. These are getting ridiculous. And the stuff I have to take to get rid of it makes me feel awful! I just couldn't function. Trying to walk I was bumping into walls. I feel better today, thank God!

I've had very little art time lately and it's getting to me. I am, however, back to working on my "top secret" project... in a nutshell, my best friend Fran's 40th birthday gift... so I can't talk about it yet! Her birthday is on the 27th and that's a fast approaching deadline as far as I'm concerned so I have to get busy and fast! When I started the project, I had plenty of time but plans for my Bible Study class sorta' took over my brain and now I'm in a panic! LOL! Plus, I have Max's 6th birthday party in two weeks which still has to be planned and invitation sent out, and also I have to make Halloween costumes for both boys! They aren't hard ones this year, thank goodness! It is, however, just one more (rather two more) projects to add to the list.

We have now made it through 4 Star Wars movies in the series and Blockbuster is calling me again. I actually like these kind of movies so we are all enjoying them. I'm amazed at the special affects, computer graphics for them, and the creativity in the storyline. And OMG, the costumes, makeup and hair are phenomenal! The girl that plays Padme is so gorgeous it just doesn't seem possible that a human being could be created like that.

Well, not much else happening here. Oh, I did put one of my small watercolor paintings up for sale in my Etsy store should anyone want a peek.

I'm now in edit post mode... for some reason, if I click on the icon to add a link to my post, I looks like it works but when the post is published, the link never shows up. Don't know what that is about. What use is that stupid little icon anyway then? So, I had to just type in my Etsy addy and hope it shows up this time in the post! If it doesn't, my etsy addy is in the upper right hand corner of my blog page.

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Kathy McElroy said...

The sunrise is gorgeous. I love fall. It's my favorite season. I sympathize with you, I get terrible sinus headaches also. I bet Fran is excited to see what you are creating for her. I know it will be gorgeous. Lucky Fran!
I hope your kids get well soon.