Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween creeping up

Well, I have finished my boys Halloween costumes. They each designed their own costumes. They drew their ideas out, told me colors, etc... and I set to work. They are both insect alien creatures. Sam had a Halloween party this evening so he got to put his on and I snapped a couple of pictures. Here he is! Those are sorta' shark fin things on his arms and there is a large fin on his back. He wanted his candy bag to have a volcano on it, which it does, but he turned it a bit in the photo so it's not so noticable. I'll get better photos on Halloween. Max's costume is the same color but he got a little more detailed with his. He's VERY particular with his designs of anything and completely inflexible unlike Sam who is reasonable! I'll post both boys costumes with them together on Wednesday.

It has been a busy day with Max having a birthday party to attend this morning and Sam's Halloween party this evening. I stayed for both parties and am now officially pooped. I'm heading for bed!


Connie said...

way xcute Angie!. I miss not getting to make the my kids theirhalloween costumes....

Joanne Huffman said...

What a nice mom to custom make their Halloween costumes! I look forward to seeing the photows of both boys.