Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whew, I finished!

Well, I worked like a dog and got my studio all cleaned up! BOTH tables are clean! I still have to address the mutant fabric pile but I'm taking a break! I'm trying to upload photos and for some reason, the computer is not allowing me to click on photos. I'm trying to upload photos to my etsy store and have the same problem! It's so maddening! Anyway, I'm a happy but tired camper and now have lots of space to mess stuff up! hehehe! I purchased several pieces of fabric to make some comfy skirts so I think I'll cut one out and sew it up tomorrow. I'm using an existing skirt that I have as my pattern. I don't usually sew clothes cuz I hate patterns but this will be easy peasy. front, back, hem, elastic...

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