Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yesterday's sunset

My mom sent me these photos she took last night. She lives about a 15 minutes drive west of me. I didn't get outside to take photos but did enjoy the view. She has a much clearer view without power lines. Isn't this amazing?

I'm busy cleaning in my studio. I can see the top of one work table! ;) And I continue on. I' d like to have the studio somewhat back to functional by Friday since my husband is leaving for Denver with a bunch of guys for a few day. I want to be able to just play all day while he's gone. I'll be living on cereal, if anyone cares.

Thanks for all the comments on my artwork. I am taking them into careful consideration. Somethings I am complete agreement with and others, well, it always comes down to a matter of taste, I suppose. I do appreciate the thoughts from all of you.


larin said...

Wow--these sunset photos are beautiful. It can be difficult to get good ones, so congrats to your mom. Your studio is looking nice, too, Angie! --LaRinda

jackie said...

What stunning sunset photos!!