Thursday, November 13, 2008

Desert Botanical Gardens

Today, Fran and I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens and we had such a nice, relaxing, quiet time together. They are putting in the Chihuly installation and we saw enough to get us really excited about this exhibit. Here's a little taste that will make everyone want to swarm to Phoenix to see these amazing glass pieces!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the day. I only got one painting done cuz I"m sorta' slow. Fran always does twice as many paintings as I do! But it was fun just being there with my best girlfriend!

Seeing a Cardinal is an extremely rare site here in Phoenix. This is only the third I've ever seen after living here for 25 years, and all three have been within the past year! Maybe they are moving in!
I have no explanation for my fascination with cactus that have died or are dying. I just think they are beautiful with amazing texture.

Fran and I both had yummy burgers minus the buns. They grill them outdoors at the little cafe. We sat and watched the vast number of Quail pecking around for food and fighting the other birds for crumbs. It's so peaceful there.
We had to leave right after we ate so I could be back in time to pick up Max at school. We plan to return again very soon and have already made our reservations for the Chihuly exhibit! I might have to see that several times too!

And here's my only painting done today. I managed one simple journal page!


Joanne Huffman said...

Your journal page is great - it captures the feeling I got from your photos (you're right, the textures of the cactus are amazing). We had a Chihuly exhibit in Kalamazoo a couple of years ago and you make we want to go look at my photos -I have to admit the desert setting is much more mgnificent thn a museum setting. The burgers look great, I wish I could have been there with you and Fran.


Margaret Ann said...

What a spendid day indeed...It appeared you two were the only ones there...what a delight...great juournal page and gorgeous shots...Thanks for the Chihuly peeks...I am so excited to go! See you on the 6th!