Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Things I am thankful for, plus a whole lot more:
1. my boys, who are healthy, happy, funny, strong, and loving
2. my husband who loves me no matter what
3. my own family, especially my mom and step-dad
4. my eyes, so I can see beauty all around me
5. my health
6. friends who are willing to stand by me and tell me the truth, even when I'm kicking and screaming that I don't want to hear it.
7. my best friend, Fran, who really gets me
8. renewed friendships
9. internet... my connection to a ton of new friends and key to making my world a whole lot bigger and better.
10. my church, which teaches me how to live by Grace, not multiple sets of rules, and encourages me to be who God made me, individually and uniquely.
11. that I'm an artist. God could have made me totally different but I'm so thankful he made me an artist because it causes me to view the world in a completely different way than I would otherwise. And heck, I get to paint!
12. for my own growth. I am, more and more, understanding the core of who I am and accepting all of me.
13. that I was not born a pioneer woman! I like modern day conveniences like hot water in my bathroom , a clothes washer and dryer, and a dishwasher!
14. my home, that is progressively, more and more a reflection of me
15. for my new kitty who will come to live with me forever in less than 3 weeks!
But mostly, I'm thankful for a God who loves me when I'm completely undeserving and unlovable much of the time. I'm thankful I'm forgiven and treasured by the One who created me, even when I usually don't even fully accept the love and acceptance He is offering me. On my worst day, I am His treasure and I'm thankful He doesn't give up on me or just let me go.


Judy said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones.

Joanne Huffman said...

It's a wonderful list. I hope you have a life filled with blessings and bounty.