Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching up... finally...

Well, yesterday I declared it a pajama day. It's the first day in MONTHS that I haven't had to go somewhere so the boys and I, on our first day of their summer break, never got dressed all day. Heaven!!! I spent the day going through paper piles, organizing things, putting art stuff away, cleaning out piles of stuff that have been driving me crazy... and... I have a clean desk!!! Wooohooo! I also spent some time hanging more stuff on my walls. I'm still not finished but my apartment is finally starting to look like MY apartment, with the exception of the hideous white walls, which I detest. Here are a couple of snapshots of some of the wall space:

This last picture is a grouping in my bathroom. My vintage window frame is pre-civil war given to me by my sister-in-law. I love it but it doesn't show up well at all on a white wall. I added some little groups of things to add some color. And, by the way, I'm so in love with Poster Tac! It's so great for creating a montage of small pieces of art like ATC, postcards, etc...

I teach a private art class every Friday to a sweet 13 year old girl. She's working on an altered book. I snapped a couple of pictures today of Kenzy paying really close attention to her painting. It was so cute. He was really into it. It looks like SHE's the one giving private classes!!! He's a very good student, wouldn't you say?

And look what this little stinker did yesterday! He found a cup with a little bit of milk left in it, tipped it over so he could drink the puddles! He's such a mess! Garfield would have stiff competition with this cat. No finiky eater here. I swear he's part goat. I've yet to find anything he won't eat. He practically attacked me over a mango this morning.

After class today, my step-dad (my hero) came and switched out one of my ceiling fans. I had one from my house that I LOVE and when Chuck renovated the back room in the house, he took it down. So, I got it and Fred put it up for me today. It's a larger fan, so more cool air, and it has more lights in it so I get way more light in the living room area now.

I took Sam out to my mom's around lunchtime. It's his turn to spend the night tonight so now it's just me and Maxman. I ran a couple of errands and then Max and I came home. I got a headache and hit the bed with a heat pack. It seemed to help but has come back since I've been up. Tylenol isn't helping and I'm out of Excedrin. I think I'll have to pull out my migraine meds shortly. I hate how they make me feel so I really hate taking them. BLEH!

Since Sam won't be here in the morning, Max and I are planning to go hike the mountain. He loves going and Sam hates it. So, it's the perfect morning for us to go hike. Then, I'll have to run Max out to my moms, drop him off, and run back home to get ready to teach a book binding class here at 12:30. It will be a relaxing and fun time. I took a ream of paper to be cut this afternoon and have to pick it up in the morning.

Well, I want to go spend a little time with my little man. I do love my boys like crazy!


Joanne Huffman said...

How wonderful that your apartment is becoming truly yours! I love the parts you've showed - full of cool art!


Wabbit said...

Yay! for jammie days!!! I love them. The world would be perfect if I could have a half jammie day every day and then get lots of things done in the other half of the day!