Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time flies

Well, the week has gone by so quickly. I noticed in my last post, I mentioned the possible sale of my antique dressing table... IT SOLD!!! Woohooo! As much as I loved the piece, I'm glad to have to space in my apartment and really glad to have the money from the sale. What a blessing!

I spent a lot of time early this week finishing up 6 commissioned journals. I wanted them finished by the last day of school so I could deliver them and not have to think about them any more because I'm itching to paint! But I had 2 art tables, the dining room table, and the ironing board completely covered in 'stuff'. So, I'll finish cleaning up today since the books were delivered yesterday and I can put away all the supplies. All artists know that you get to a point of the 6 inch work space and you have to clean up so you can mess up again. ;P Anyway, here are the 6 journals completed. They are all 5x7 in size. There was actually a 7th but I delivered that one and forgot to take a photo first! Oh well...

And these three are my personal favorites... tempting to keep!

On Monday, I realized that I hadn't thought of "end of the year teacher gifts". Panic! Thankfully, I had a few photo books already made and Sam liked one of them and chose it for his teacher. Max, unfortunately, did not think the other choices were good for his teacher because "She likes blue". So, Tuesday, one top of finishing these journals, I had to make a photo book from scratch and forgot to photograph that too! But, it is made similar to these but only a single signature and no tie closure.

So, I have a painting swirling around in my head... but another documenting "my story" so it won't be a pretty, feel good painting... but it will sure as heck make me feel good to get it out! I also have some sewing stuff I want to do and have a couple of class proposal samples swimming in my head that I need to get done as well.

I'm teaching my private art class tomorrow and have a couple of people coming over Saturday for a book binding class. It's my reconstructed book class. So, today I will be taking a stack of card stock to be cut at the Office Supply and I have to go to downtown Glendale to purchase more Tyvek tape... or I might see if I have a Tyvek envelope laying around and recycle that. The tyvek is what is used to reinforce the book spine when reconstructing a new journal from an existing book cover. I think I need some more wax linen thread too, while I'm at it. I have a huge roll of black and burgundy but I'm finding that brown and white are staples as well and since I went through all the brown and white that I had doing the journals, I need to get more. I should check out e-bay for some deals.

So, now kids are out of school so today, we will make our posterboard calendars for summer, write up our list of things we want to do or get accomplished this summer. Set up some play dates, etc.. I also have to talk to the boys about a schedule so I can have some uninterrupted work time in the mornings and "our" time will be after lunch. We are all adjusting to there being a working mom in our family.

Our public library is offering "culture passes" this year allowing you to go to different venues around the valley for free! So we want to see what is offered and make some plans with those to different museums.

Max starts his summer reading enrichment program on Monday. It runs from June 1-25th... 4 days a week, 4 hours per day. Vacation Bible School starts June 8th but since Max will be in his summer school program, Sam will be attending VBS without his brother... not that he cares! I'm sad Max will miss it though.

Well, my tummy is rumbling so I need to eat some breakfast!


Joanne Huffman said...

The journals are (of course) beautiful! You have a busy summer ahead of you, but I think you and the boys will enjoy it.


Lorri Scott said...

Your finished books look so neat and perfect and beautiful! Good job!


robin dudley-howes said...

Love the books!