Sunday, May 31, 2009

Making progress

After I got the boys to bed tonight, I worked on my canvas a bit more. Still building layers of texture and movement around the face. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll get to start laying paint on again. I have to tell you a bit of interesting tidbit about this canvas. I knew I wanted a larger canvas to work with for this piece and I couldn't afford to go buy a large one... they are really pricey. So, I found this 16x20 in my stash. I've had it a good while and had, at one point, just collaged scraps onto it. No meaning, no rhyme or reason. Anyway, I figure it would work for this project just fine. Well, while I was painting on it, I actually found 2 words, very clearly in print on the bits of ephemera that I'd glued down probably 2 years ago, that are EXACTLY part of the story in this piece! Coincidence? I think not... there is no such thing. Yet, I'm still stunned. This tells me it was THE canvas for this piece all along. It's just been percolating for 2 years! Anyway, I added more texture using torn bits of tissue paper and then wound fiber around on top. I like the winding length for movemnt as well as the fibers that fray out. I think it will look neat once it has been painted over.

Tomorrow, Max starts his summer reading enrichment class at school. He'll go through June 25, 4 days a week, 4 hours per day. I have a couple of haircuts scheduled in the morning and then a counseling appt. in the afternoon. The rest of the day will unfold as it goes. I also have to catch up on a mountain of laundry! There are only two washers here at the apartment complex... since it's a really small complex... so I may need to take a load over to my mom's when I drop off the boys where they'll stay during my counseling appt.!

Well, gotta' get to bed. It's pretty late here.

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Toni said...

Hi Angie,
thank you for stopping by my blog. As for the canvas I like to prep my own canvas with either white gesso or clear gesso. You can then paint with watercolor on either surface.
I transfer drawings with graphite paper.
there seems to be a lot reading into your canvas you started here. I'm sure you will release some truths by the time you are done with it. Hope I am not speaking out of turn here. I'll be back to check how it progresses.