Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today, I decided to try selling my 4 teacup/saucers sets that I love. They are Franciscan ware made in the 1930's. I love the color of green, which is why I bought them. They are in perfect condition and it's hard to believe they are so old. I listed them in my etsy shop. I figured that someone might actually get some use out of them instead of having them sitting in my cupboard taking up space. Aren't they pretty? If anyone is interested in purchasing them, holler at me, will ya'? I even thought of using them to put into gift baskets with theme or doing flower arrangements in them but no... I'm gonna' see about selling them. I'm suppose to have someone coming to look at my antique dressing table tomorrow after church. Crossing fingers and toes that it sells since it's taking up valuable space in my apartment.

On another note, I had a really nice day today with my boys. We have spent pretty much the whole day together. I did do 2 haircuts though. But, I bargained with Sam and talked him into agreeing to climb the mountain with me... you don't have to bargain with Max for that kind of stuff... he loves it.. Sam hates it. i let him take his camera, promised as many stops on the way up as needed (like... 10!) and feeding critters at the top. Then, if he made it to the top, I'd take he and Max to Starbucks (used my last gift card). They made it and had a great time feeding the squirrels and chipmunks. We did a Starbucks stop... Max loves Chai latte's and Sam got a smoothie. Then, we went to get our next Star Trek movie (coupon for free rental) and came home and watched it. We had some good snuggle time too. They have taken a few breaks to play on the computer a little but we've mostly hung out together all day. I did get some laundry done today too.

Now, I need to eat something... eek... at 10 pm!!! But I never ate dinner and am now hungry. I also am pretty beat! I'm hoping to get some work done on the commissioned journals I've been working on. I had problems with two of them and have to start over from scratch with those. I want them all finished by Wednesday, the last day of school.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I hope you sell everything you want to sell. The tea cup looks lovely (I can see you doing a watercolor of that photo). It sounds like you spend great quality time with the boys.