Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Desperate prayer request

No, no.. not for me, for my friend. Joanne Heim is a talented writer and lover of Jesus. I met her along with her husband and kids a few years ago. They moved back to their home in Colorado last year and we have mostly been in touch after our meeting through her blog, blog comments, Facebook, messages, e-mails and such. She's a beautiful, young woman... younger than I am, and mom of two beautiful daughters whom she home schools. Well, yesterday, while exercising, Joanne had a massive stroke. You can read that latest updates on her blog and subscribe to stay updated as her husband or sister write. As of this morning, she had to go back in for surgery because of massive swelling in her brain. They removed part of her skull to allow for the swelling but significant trauma has been done to her brain including her brain stem. So much is unknown to us right now. But I know One who knows everything going on. Many prayers by thousands of people are being said on her behalf right now. Please join me in praying for Joanne and her family.

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