Monday, May 23, 2011


Wow, I just got back from teaching at CREATE and what an awesome experience!

It took many days of prepping kits and slowly packing. I flew Southwest so I could check to pieces of luggage, which were stuffed with ONLY art supplies! I packed all my clothes, toiletries, etc.. in this little thing and carried it on the plane:

I stayed with an online friend, Karan, whom I'd never met before she picked me up at the airport on Thursday! We had a great time together. She has such a comfortable, quiet home and a dear, sweet husband with the most beautiful spanish accent. Accents from Spain are very different that accents in spanish from Mexico. I learned to cook some new things that I'm anxious to try!

I taught on Friday and Saturday. My classes went so well! My students were great. Both classes were very relaxing and enjoyable. When I get in front of a class and start teaching, I get completely energized. I always thought I'd get nervous but I don't! I LOVE it!

Friday, I taught my book, One Page at a Time. I had a small, intimate class. We really enjoyed ourselves! Here are pictures from that class. (it was cold in there!!!)
One student had to leave early and I missed getting a photo of her beautiful book. :( This was a sweet and fun group of ladies. I really enjoyed teaching them.

I'm going to post the second class tomorrow. I'm dead tired! Heading to bed now.


Joanne Huffman said...

I knew it would be a great experience for your students; I'm glad it was so enjoyable for you.

milkcan said...

What a pleasure to meet you! Had a great time in your class! Hope our paths cross again!

Denise G said...

Great photos! I woudl love to attend something like this!Do you teach in the New York area?

Denise G said...

Great photos! I follow Julie Balzarslog and found yours. Iowudl love to take a classs like this! Do you teach in the NY area?

RebArt said...

I loved reading your posts on your trip. What a great experience. It was wonderful to see the expressions on each woman's face as she showed her art. Art is a powerful tool for bring joy...and sometimes more painful emotions. It is all good. I am glad you got to go. The connection with Karan and the teachers at CREATE was a blessing, no doubt. What a beautiful garden!