Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 2 at CREATE

Saturday, I taught "Torn and Stitched: A Composition of Bits and Pieces". I wrote this class 3 years ago and finally got to teach it! It was a good class. My students were eager to learn more about creating a balanced composition with bits and pieces of fabric. None of them had ever done a transparency transfer either so we had fun doing transfers first thing! They then chose their favorite to create their piece of artwork with. I had a couple of quick workers so they did two pieces. I also learned some things in this class myself that I will utilize should I ever get the opportunity to teach this class again. One of those things was taught by a student in her "problem solving" process! I love watching process... and Patricia talked hers out and it was an invigorating process to watch. And she has the most magnetic Australian accent! Here are some photos of that class: (don't know why most of this is underlined and don't know how to fix it! It is not a link!)

mother and daughter in class! :)

I love how each piece really reflects the creator of it. Surprising how each piece truly tells a story about the person who made it! So cool!

I'll do a separate post of photos I took outside at Karan's house before we headed to the airport.

I'm trying to catch up on things in my house, that have been let go. My studio is in great need of an overhaul but I had a lot of paperwork to do before my trip about some other things and I have to get filing under control and find the top of my desk! That will be my work for the morning.


Anonymous said...

Great looking pieces; you taught them well.

Joanne Huffman said...

Great looking class projects and very happy looking students.