Thursday, February 5, 2009


I had the most wonderful conversation with a home school mom today about my idea to teach art classes to the kids. She LOVED the idea and is running it past her home school group. There are 8 kids from K-3 with 2 more possibly joining their group. She was doing some brainstorming with me and suggested the possibility of doing the art around the context of their Bible classes, similar to the class I teach on Tuesday mornings to women but for kids! I am crazy about that idea! Another suggestion is to use literature for a theme. I was very encouraged by our conversation and feel I'm on the right track for a really cool little business for myself doing what I love! Anyway, I just had to share!!!!!

I also got an appt. set up with Voc Rehab for an orientation to see if they may have some resources to help me find work.. even if it is just part time.. in an environment I can hear well in! ;)

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