Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting out the week

Well, it's been a day of running. I walked the boys to school (Max rode his bike) and then headed out for my walk to church to set up for tomorrow's Bible study class. AFter I got home, I ran back out the door to go by Michael's for some supplies for tomorrow's class and then straight to my counseling appt. I got home and ate lunch, made some phone calls, and then grabbed my bike and rode to school to pick up Max and race him home. Now, both kids are home and I need to do some cleaning. It's been overcast and sprinkling on and off all day today. Crawl-in-bed-and-read kind of weather. I just made hot chocolate for the boys.

I've felt discouraged today because some plans I've been making for the past few weeks are on the verge of falling apart today. I'm holding my breath....should know something by tomorrow afternoon....


Joanne Huffman said...

crossing my fingers and thinking positive thoughts for you.


Jo McQueen said...

I found your blog through a maze looking at other sites and will put you in my favorites. I, too, want to do a daily photo journal. I thought I was busy, but looking at your blog, I guess not so much. I am just now FINALLY working on my blog and have a lot of things to learn about posting. I invite you to take a look Thanks Jo