Sunday, February 1, 2009

catch up from the weekend

I had such a relaxing time at my mom's this weekend. It went by really fast. I got to catch up on some sleep too. I went to bed early every night and slept like the dead, for the most part. I got up early Saturday morning and did a 4 mile walk with my step-dad by star light. The sun just started coming up when we got back to the house. Then, spontaneously, mom and I went to Ikea while Fred took the boys bike riding at the park. What fun that place is! I was overwhelmed though. It didn't take long of my being there before I just got a glazed look in my eyes and knew I wasn't really seeing anything anymore. But, I got lots of ideas while I was still able to focus on all the cool stuff and amazing deals!

We got home and ate lunch. Then I cut mom's hair and played a game of Scrabble with Fred. I'm not telling who won... ;)

Max was like a monkey in the back yard climbing my mom's birdhouse on a pole. Look at this stinker... with his orange vampire teeth...

Fred made some awesome hamburgers for dinner that night. He's such a good cook! I'll put in an order for cornbread next time. I've never tasted better than his.

We got up and got ready for church this morning and then I loaded the car and headed back to our house to drop off the boys bikes before going to church. I came home afterward and did some kitchen clean up and have a load of laundry going. Then caught up on e-mail from the weekend.

I did a self-portrait shot and am shocked when I see more wrinkles and loose skin after losing weight. So, there is a down side. Boohoo... I look older now. Bleh....
Now it's time to get kids in bed. Tomorrow, we have a funeral to attend of a friend of ours who passed away this past week of a brain tumor. He was just diagnosed a couple of months ago. It will be a sad day.


rscoach said...

Angie - so very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend - it's never easy - my thoughts and prayers go out to you and his family - hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)

Joanne Huffman said...

I'm sorry you lost your friend; it's always sad to say good-bye. It's good you had a well deserved good week-end.
And I love the photo of Max up the pole.


Maija said...

Welcome to my loose skin world!!

Kelly Snelling said...

i even clicked the photo so i could see what you were talking about. and all i can say is Shut Up, ANGIE! hee, hee. you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! trust me, you will look back at this picture ten years gtp, mpe and think, yes, yes. she was so right. i did look beautiful. i do not see these wrinkles. all i see is a girl lit from the inside with a light, light, light.