Friday, February 13, 2009

Great news!

I found an apartment!!! Yesterday morning, I went to look at an apartment just down the street close to the school. Probably about the same distance to school I have now but the opposite direction. Anyway, it's a small complex... 10 sets of duplexes so they are single level, which was what I really wanted. It's 1200 sq. ft.!!!! Almost as big as my house I'm in now! It's a two bedroom/ 1 bath with storage inside and a storage closet out. And a place for Max to ride his bike and a pool for summer. i met one man who has lived in this apartment complex for 20 years! Anyway, I knew as soon as I walked in that it was the place for me. I brought home the application and filled it out, gathered stuff they needed from me, and dropped it off this morning. So, if nothing happens, I will be moving in to apartment #19 next Friday!! While I am excited, it is hard to watch someone whom you have been married to for 23 years (next Sunday, the 22nd) and see how they are hurting over a decision that you know is the right one. I know that I know I am making the right decision. And even though I am excited, it does not make it easier.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck with your move and stay strong!