Friday, April 4, 2008

Chuck's new baby

Well, my hubby has been drooling over Mini-Coopers since they came out.  He decided to sell his BMW SUV and he found his dream.  At least the mid-life crisis is a fast car instead of a fast woman, right?  LOL!  Anyway, he's been researching used ones forever and he finally found this baby only a year old with about 6500 miles on it and all the "stuff" he really wanted.... in Carlsbad, CA!  He flew out on Monday, picked it up and drove home Tuesday.  He's one happy guy.  And, as you can see, he's not the only guy in our family crazy over it.  Actually both boys like it but Max is just nuts over this car!  Isn't he cute behind the wheel?

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Kelly Snelling said...

oh my gosh, angie! i didn't recognize Chuck! he looks awesome! i had to click the photo and look at him in the bigger size image. lol! i will never forget the amazing meal he made for all of us when i was there a couple years ago. give him a big hug from me. and congrats on the mini-cooper! it's so cute!