Saturday, April 26, 2008


I am really enjoying all the quirks comments coming in. You guys are cracking me up! However, the scary part is some of them sound like quirks I would like to incorporate into my life! Eeks! Do I need more? I'll share one more. I have a slight obsession with things looking balanced. I'm the one always straightening things on walls in Dr.'s offices, etc... and I get really weirded out with my food on a plate. When I go to a restaurant, I often have to spin my plate to make sure it looks right before I start eating. I only remember a couple of times where even that didn't work and I had to take my fork and move food around on my plate before I could eat it! Another is that when I cook, it totally ruins my appetite if I taste the food while it's cooking. I don't taste but go by look and smell and once it is on my plate, taste and add salt or whatever. I've tried to flex on this since my DH is a phenomenal cook and says you MUST taste. I've learned to compromise... sometimes. An even better solution... don't cook! ;)

Keep the comments coming! (see last post)


SusanSW said...

It's called SYMMETRY and I do it too...all the time...and I often wonder if it inhibits my artistic "talent" because I really have to fight my instincts to make my drawings or collages or quiltart off-center or assymetrical the way it "should" be to appear more interesting to the eye! Help! It's a curse!!

(not really laughing)

Nicole T said...

I love that you have a blog! Now I am going to check it all the time! And be sure to look at mine for updates on Emolyn.
ok for my quirk: I am a sectional eater. its ok for my foods to touch but i must finish all of one item before I can start on another.
PS i loved the parent magazines! such great advice and something to read while I pump! Books don't work because i have to hold them open!

Mary S Hunt said...

TOO funny!!
I do the same things...we operate from the same side of the brain but i forget which side it is that makes artists artists and therefore the way we will probably find out that most artists have the very same quirks....gotta love us