Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coil Binder?

OK, so I'm thinking of purchasing a coil binder. However, I have no clue what to really look for in one and there are so many brands, I don't know where to begin. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions based on their own purchase of one... or many?


Moose Ridge said...

I have a Rubicoil and use it for everything... art books, home school, you name it! Bonnie, at Stamp Salad is wonderful! -- the coils come in every color of the rainbow and a lot of sizes, depending on how many pages you want to bind
Good luck!
Dunlap TN

jackie said...

Angie, did you read my post at Collage Cats about the Bind-it-All - I think it's great even tho I haven't used mine yet. It will punch through and bind CD's, chipboard, and other stuff.

Sharon said...

Definitely get yourself a Bind It All, they rock! I'm doing another skinny book project and binding it with that. It comes out great and punches through chipboard and matboard. Get one at or
Happy binding!

Anonymous said...

Angie, if you haven't purchased a coil binder yet, I have a brand new rubicoil and a box of different size diameter coils I will sell you. Email me and I will explain why I have to sell it. You can get my email address on the FIAA group.
Debi Minter