Saturday, April 12, 2008

A day with my son

Max spent the night with my mom last night so Sam and I got up early this morning and I took him to the Botanical Garden for the first time. I don't think Max would like it and Sam didn't think so either. I gave Sam my digital camera and let him loose while I used Chuck's, which didn't have a freshly charged battery so my camera time was limited today. Sam took about 275 pictures before he used up all the battery in my camera! I think I need extra batteries! Anyway, he loved the garden and said, "It's like a zoo for plants"! And that is exactly it. And today, we covered the ENTIRE garden. By the time we got home, I felt like I walked around Disneyland all day! I'm dead tired with aching feet and legs. Anyway, I think I may have created a monster... you guys should have seen Sam with a camera! He went nuts! And most of his pictures turned out fantastic! Here are a few of my favorite shots taken by Sam, my 8-year-old!

I took this one of Sam towards the end of the day. I caught him sitting and just daydreaming a bit while watching a lizard.


Joanne Huffman said...

My theory is that Sam gets his photography skills from his mother. You both took beautiful photos of captivating subjects.


Kelly Snelling said...

the photo of you and sam is gorgeous! it must makes my heart feel full. and he did an awesome job with his photography! please tell him that he is a wonderful photographer from me.

JJ said...

the ground cute!! the picture of your son day dreaming is beautiful. my favorite pics capture people who are unaware of the camera... thanks for sharing!