Friday, April 11, 2008

Desert Botanical Garden

This morning, I went back out to the Desert Botanical Garden all by myself. I got out there around 10:40 and left at about 1:30, just in time to pick up kids after school. And I still didn't get through the whole thing nor did I take time to sit and paint, which was the intention! Instead, I took an hour long personal tour learning all about different desert plants, then at lunch, and then just walked while oooing and ahhhhing. I took about 80 photos and am thrilled with the outcome of them! I can't post all of them and it will be hard to choose my favorites but here are a few. I need to load them to flickr maybe. Ya' think?
Anyway, I'm taking Sam tomorrow and going back again while Max is spending the night and day with Granny. I just can't get enough!

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Margaret Ann said...

Delightful Angie...lovely photos and wonderful detail...and you are so just cannot get enough of that place!!! :)