Saturday, June 28, 2008

Answering questions

I had a couple of questions asked in my comments for my last post so I thought I'd answer them quickly.

First: Am I making a wall hanging series? Well of sorts, I guess I am. I hadn't thought of it like that but yes. I'm working on these and plan to make some to sell in my etsy shop.

Secondly: How will I mount them to the watercolor paper? Well, I'm not sure yet. DJ Pettitt sews things to the watercolor paper but I'm shocked that there's no problem sewing that weight of watercolor paper because it is like cardboard! I will most likely either glue or hand-stitch the little quiltlets to the watercolor base. Before add them together, I plan to tear the paper to just about 1/8 of an inch wider than the quiltlet and then add metallic silver to the deckled edge so it will barely peek out around the edge of the quiltlet sort of giving it a frame. I'm still deciding on a hanger.

I've spent some time adding a few things in my etsy store and I still have more things to add! I have so many supply type items and really want to get more art in it for sale. Work, work, work!

I'm also working on a commissioned beaded prayer pillow. It's about 1/3 done. I'll post it when complete.

Chuck and Sam have been in Cleveland for 3 weeks now. They are due home tomorrow evening. Truly it has gone by fast. I think it's been good for the boys to be apart for a while. I got some good time with Max and he seems to have matured so much in 3 weeks time. Sam has had a great time and I know his one-on-one time with Chuck is something that has great impact. Not to mention that since Sam is the shy one, he's spent 3 weeks running around meeting a lot of new people and spending time with them. It's been good for him. He's also been to amusement parks, water parks, swimming with friends, boating, fishing, riding bikes in the park, waterboarding, need I go on? This kid doesn't want to come home! LOL! Since Chuck's work can be mostly done by computer, have computer, will travel.... It's both a curse and a blessing. Since most of his work can be done on his laptop, he can work from anywhere which means long extended vacations. However, the curse is that you never REALLY have a vacation because you bring work with you. UGH! And it seems that problems always come up and then you are out of state and trying to deal with stuff over the phone. NOT fun. Oh well, Chuck will barely get back home into the swing of things when he will leave again on July 8th for his 50th birthday trip to Alaska, thanks to his dear friend, Dave. The photographer in me is seriously green with envy.

Well, gonna' run for now...

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