Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Double Dog dare

Well, on Hazelruthe's blog, she has posted a "Pit" challenge and has double dog dared us to show pictures of our messy studio. So, I'm being brave and showing what a total mess mine is right now. And geez, look at all the fabric underneath my table! Think it's time to clean up? YIKES! I did, however, clean off my art table in front of my window... enough to work a little bit! ;)

Here's a cute picture of Max making guacamole! It was yummy! He's taking after his daddy, although it was mommy that taught him how to make it!
I have been busy the past few days working on a summer schedule chart, chore chart, behavior/attitude chart, etc... for the boys. I need to photograph all these things I"ve worked on! It's been time consuming but the boys seem to be into it so I hope some changes are made around here this summer!

Chuck is taking Sam back to Cleveland for a couple of weeks leaving Saturday morning. He took Max last year so it's Sam's turn. Sam was upset he's going to miss Vacation Bible School next week but I think he'll have a great bonding time with daddy and he'll get to see Grandma and other relatives that haven't seen him in 4-1/2 years! Max will have VBS next week every morning so that will give me a little alone time. I'll do some fun things with Max while Chuck and Sam are gone.

One of my big projects to do in the next week is go through all the boys school papers to decide what should be kept and what to throw out. I'd like to do it before Sam leaves... like maybe tomorrow, so that he can make some decisions about what things are important for him to keep from 2nd grade. Then, while he's gone, I can get things put into a ring binder. I actually did a lot of weeding out as things were brought home throughout the school year but I still have huge amounts of papers saved! It's insane!

I've hardly seen Fran in the past month and it's been so depressing! I'm hoping to do some visiting next week. Gosh, we haven't done any art together in a few months, at least! That should be considered a sin, seriously. I miss her so much!

Well, boys are getting out of the bathtub so I have to make sure they get ready for bed.


Joanne Thieme Huffman said...

Sadly, my studio is messier than yours. You have a very handsome chef there. I think it's cool that you and Chuck are having one-on-one time with each of the boys. Say hi to Fran for me when you see her.


Cathy said...

Hey, you're a messy gal too. Why do we do this? LOL! We must need it as part of our creative process--cuz I know we're not lazy! Don't tell anyone, but I still haven't touched mine yet this week. Eeks!

Cathy :)

Maija said...

It's a beautiful mess!

Jean said...

HA! I KNEW I wasn't the only one!!!! You're a brave person...and that quac looks fabulous, well done!!!

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

You have a wonderful looking "mess!" LoL! I especially like all the little drawers in the top photo. That's what I need for my craft room.

I'm in Cathy's mess contest, too! Have a peek at mine. Merry Maids would turn me down as a customer!