Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pages finished!

Today I finished my fabric pages! I now have to create a cover and bind all the pages into the book. I have, however, made a decision about the exhibit submission. It was brought to my attention by a fellow artist that the gallery with the call for these books happens to be located with an alley entrance only AND, it's only open for a few hours on Friday and Saturdays! Not much time for people to see what's there! So, I have decided against the submission and am considering a class with my binding method using this book as one of my samples. I have uploaded the remaining pages to my flickr site here:

I think I mentioned previously that I made little charts for my boys for chores, behavior, and a little tag book for Max for getting ready in the morning and for bed. I have been asked to post all the stuff I made for this so, here goes:
This is the magnetic chart on the refrigerator. It is made from a manilla folder and sewn pockets. Each boy starts each day with his 10 sticks. Disobeying, fighting, arguing, etc... causes them to lose a stick. Each of the 10 sticks is worth a point. The gold sticks can be earned by my finding them acting in a kind way, encouraging, helping, being polite, volunteering to help do something, etc... The gold sticks are worth 10 points each. I tally the points at the end of every day. The points are accumulating right now until Chuck gets home from Ohio to help me made decisions on things they can earn. You can also see chore sticks on this chart. They each have 3 chores to do each week besides cleaning up their normal stuff. Since Max can't read well yet, I drew pictures in code that he can understand and know what his responsibilities are.

Next, we have the June calendar:
It consists of list of things to do this summer, movies to see, playdates, daily things to do, and the weekly point tally chart. I also color coded days Sam's best friend was not going to be in town so we can plan around that for them to see each other since they will be gone a total of 5 weeks this summer. Those are the orange dots! I keep up with things they have going on, swim lessons, etc... on the daily blocks as well as daily points earned. I got the idea for the poster from Joanne ( http://www.thesimplewife.typepad.com/). Thanks Joanne!!!

To help organize the boys toys and make it easier for them to know where things go, I made photo tags for their baskets showing what toys should be put in each basket:

To help Max, especially, with getting ready for the day or bed, I made him this little tag book. His mind wanders so fast that he can't remember what I told him to do from one minute to the next. With this in hand, he can flip through to see what he's suppose to be doing. It hands on a hook in the bathroom.

I also made a chart that is on their bedroom wall that shows pictures of things that should NOT be on the floor in order for their room to be clean:

I have to say that so far, all these things have really been helpful and made a difference in the conflict happening in the house. Of course, for the past week, I've only had one child here so it's been peaceful regardless since he doesn't have anyone to pick fights with! It's been a great break taking off my referee hat... a job that I despise! Also, seeing the difference in points Max has earned this week with Sam gone and how many he tallied with Sam here, really shows me that we need to come up with some strategies for them to be able to work their own issues out together without me being in the middle of everything. If anyone has advice, I'm all ears!

Well, it's time to get Max to bed....


jackie said...

Angie, your fabric book turned out beautifully! So colorful and textural - I'd love to see it in person!
And I really admire your organized life with the boys - great tips and implementation!

Judi B said...

Hi Angie,

I'm a member of Fabric in Alterations and a mom of 6 boys (all grown). You are doing a great job as a mom (and an artist). Just wanted to let you know 'cause Moms don't always get the praise they deserve. One thing I did for rewards when my guys were little was to create a "rewards jar." I wrote out all kinds of simple rewards on slips of paper -- everything from the no cost, "Mom will read your favorite story," "You get to pick the dessert for dinner tonight," to "Go to the zoo with Mommy" or "Ice cream cone at Dairy Queen." When it was time for a reward, they got to draw one out of the jar. The surprise factor always made it more fun and not everything cost money. -- Judi B

Joanne Thieme Huffman said...

Your fabric book is a treasure. I think you should submit it somewhere for publication. You certainly look like you're on top of the organizing for summer situation; good luck when teh boys get together again :D


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Thanks for the pictures of your charts! It's fun to see what they look like!


Margaret Ann said...

Geesch Angie..you rock as a mom...Wowza...these are wonderful tips and organizational tools! :)
You are soooo busy! :)

freebird said...

My daughter tried all the things you are doing but gave it up as it took too much of her time trying to keep it all straight (she has 4 kids). Boy, the kids want to let you know when one or another isn't doing what they should and they'll argue they aren't "tattling" either! I know what works best - time! In time they grow up, leave home and come back to find they are best friends, know the rules and all of that. I guess because in spite of all the bickering and tug of wars while they are little they really are learning from you so in the long run all these efforts you make whether you stick with these or others, do come home to roost in your kid's hearts. Glad you are making the effort as it seems too many moms don't.

Nicole T said...

I love that you made special things for each of the boys. You know your kids so well and what will make it easier for them to be able to listen and obey and get gold sticks! Keep showing all this good parenting stuff, I need the ideas!

Sacredartist said...

I found that when my kids were out of sorts it was because I had not filled their cup. I was too busy and tired. I had to slow down and change. I also had to help them "succeed" in the things that I wanted. It never worked for me to do the whole reward thing. Kids are so in the moment. Focus instead on filling their cup.