Saturday, June 28, 2008

Commission finished

Today, I finished my commission of a beaded prayer pillow. It will hang on the wall so I'm waiting to hear back from the friend as to what kind of hanger she prefers but I thought I'd show you the finished project in the meantime. This heart only measures about 3 inches but oh my, the time it has taken to bead it!!! I've only done a couple of these before and I forgot how much time they take. I have huge respect for people that do this for their art all the time. I do love the look. And it is pretty relaxing but you can easily get sorta' "stuck" in one position when you sit too long doing it! I hope Jackie likes it!


Joanne Huffman said...

The beaded prayer pillow is lovely - and, obviously, very work intensive. Your quilt hangings should do beautifully on your ETSY shop; they're unique, charming, and beautiful.


NanAZ said...

Thanks for sharing!

You should be doing some craft workshops at ODF. I'd love to learn some of these things.

jackie said...

Oh Angie, I most DEFINITELY love it!! Can't wait to get it! Thank you again!

Margaret Ann said...

This is stunning...beautiful work Angie! :)