Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I"m so behind

I've had a couple of awful days dealing with a headache. It has finally lifted and I'm trying to come out of the fog and rejoin the living.

For anyone who was keeping up with my Every Day in May challenges, I did actually sketch for the entire month and have just uploaded the pages to my flickr site here:

My experience with this is that while I started off with enthusiasm, I ended with dread. I know that practice and daily discipline is good but gosh, by the end of the month, I just dreaded the thought of having to draw something. I find no joy in drawing just for the purpose of saying I did it. It had no meaning. If there is no meaning, there is no joy in it for me. So, I am not continuing in the daily drawing. I did enjoy my watercolor journaling while on vacation but I also had these daily things to do as well and it was hard to keep up. You can tell that with some of these, I was just slapping anything onto the page to say I did it... like anyone actually cares if I did or not. Anyway, I spent more time on some and almost none on others. It was a good learning experience for me and I did find that my vintage paper coated with gesso took watercolor washes nicely without buckling! Nice discovery!

Gosh, I REALLY need to update my Etsy store. I have several things to list and just haven't had time to do it. With Max in Vacation Bible School this week every morning and Sam gone, I had planned fun time for me but it's turned into survival mode of pain management. I had plans to create a small fabric book this week using my desert photos, transferring them, creating a leather spine, and my original binding method. There is an artists call out for an exhibit in CO. for books using fabric and I really wanted to submit this but I think the deadline is like next week... no wait, it's not until the 20th so if I get crankin', I can make it. Max and I are going over to Fran's tomorrow and I can't wait except that this is a hard project to do away from my own studio. I will try to take some time in the morning and think through what I want to do and pull some fabrics together. I have all the transfers to do as well so I know I can do those at her house. I stopped by a huge fabric place today and purchased my soft suede scraps that I will use for my spine. Anyway, the whole idea hasn't gelled yet... I hope my brain will clear really soon!


Joanne Huffman said...

I hope your head is clear and happier and you have a wonderful time at Fran's. I bet you come up with a great fabric book for the Colorado exhibit.


peggy said...

You sound like me - trying to balance work and art, and sometimes even trying to balance art. I agree with you about everyday drawing. But again, balancing some discipline with our playfulness in art is bound to improve us- stretch us. I believe the spiritual disciplines do the same. thanks for sharing

barbara burkard said...

hi sweetie!!! i'm adding your blog as a link to my blog! your book will be splendid!!! i KNOW it!


Maija said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I really enjoyed looking through your journal!