Sunday, June 22, 2008

still a work in progress

Well, I'm beat and will be heading to bed really early tonight. Today, we worked with the wire stuff in Deryn's class and I really enjoyed it. I still have to put text with Diamond glaze behind all the leaves but you can see how far I have gotten.


Kelly said...

it's beautiful, angie! i talked to maija and tanya this morning. they said you all were having so much fun. good for you! you did a great job!

jackie said...

That's a lot of wire shaping and beading! Is it attached yet - I can't tell from the photo. Rest up and when you're feeling better, I look forward to more details about the workshop.

Aileen said...

Beautiful job Angie she's stunning!

Linda said...'s beautiful! Saw you and your painting over on Deryn's blog!!!!!