Sunday, February 10, 2008

Book Reviews

OK, so I'm not officially one to review books but I do have an opinion.  I looked through two new books.  The first is Angela Cartwright's latest book titled "Mixed Emulsions".  This book is FULL of techniques to use when including photographs into your artwork.  I mean FULL!  I can't imagine there's anything she didn't think of!  This book is well worth the cost.


The second book was a disappointment, for me anyway.  It's by Lynne Perrella (love her other books) and it's titled "Art Making, Collections, and Obsessions: An Intimate Exploration of the Mixed-Media Work and Collections of 35 Artists
I was expecting and hoping for a book that let you into the studios of artists.  I want to see the space they work in, their messes, their stashes, how they organize them, etc... but that isn't what is in the book.  Sure, you get really gorgeous photos of particular things they like to collect but it's very "staged" photography.  It makes for a beautiful book but it's not what I was hoping for.  I have to say though, after reading through it, I felt more "normal"!  LOL!  It's great to be able to connect with other treasure hunters and feel the excitement of the find! It is a book of eye candy that makes any hunter's heart go pitter-patter and gasp out loud.  Anyway, I guess it would depend on what you are desiring in the book.  I was terribly disappointed that there were no pictures of Michael De Meng's studio.  His studio is one I'd love to see.  How the heck does he organize and categorize all the assemblage stuff?  How much space does he have?  Guess I won't know now.... :(
Anyway, I recommend actually seeing this book before you purchase it to make sure it's what YOU want in the book.  Books are such a personal thing, aren't they?


Judy said...

You soooooo dont want to see Michael's studio - then again he has turned my downstairs lounge room into a studio - and I am going mental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor Michael we have struck a deal to clean up the space at least once a week cos I cant operate in mess but he cant operate in tidiness.
I was looking forward to reading the 2nd book too - hmmmm you have me thinking.

Crystal said...

Hi Angie!
Very good book reviews. I saw Angela Cartwrights at the book store last week and am pinching pennies until I can buy it. I didn't know Lynn's was out yet but was looking forward to it. Now I'll be sure I see it in person before I decide to buy. Thanks for the reviews! And thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you found me! Love your blog!

shirleymcc said...

I felt the exact same way about the two books!
I do love the eye candy in Lynne's but I am like you, I wanted more process and details.

johanna said...

i wish i had read your post earlier... i feel similar to you.
i have angela´s book and it is great! but today i got lynne´s book and was a bit disappointed, too. anyway, i couldn´t have flipped through it here in germany, to see i had to order it... but i think it´s not a "must buy".