Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ready for selling...

Well, I spent the majority of yesterday going through all my vintage trims and laces getting them ready to sell.  I can't believe how time consuming it is grouping them, measuring each piece, packaging them all pretty, photographing everything, uploading photos and editing, and then listing them on etsy!  I did manage to get a few items listed but have LOTS more to go!  Some of the items listed are:
Vintage Catholic Missals (beautiful books from 1957/1960)
vintage Italian flash cards
vintage/retro trims (a ton more to come)
vintage buttons with cards

These are a few things listed along with some of my art, of course!

If you have interest in seeing what I haven't listed yet for possible purchase before I list it, contact me.  I also have several small figurines, mostly animals, that I will be listing for assemblages.  Lots of dogs so let me know if you are interested.  My photos didn't turn out well so I have to re-photograph all groupings.  They need to be done outside I think.  Better lighting.

So, go see what I've listed!

Gotta' get showered and ready for church...

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