Monday, February 4, 2008

Satisfied curiosity...

Well, due to an e-mail I received about my little building fronts, my curiosity arose and I decided to find out more about them.  I have now discovered that they are actually parts of vintage iron banks dating back to 1890- early 1900's!  Too bad I couldn't have found the whole banks for a deal... the entire banks are now worth around $275.00 and up!  Anyway, even if I only got "walls" when I purchased these, they are totally cool.

Now to go get some cleaning done.  Max is home sick AGAIN with fever being his only real symptom this time but I've heard of a virus going around that the fever is it... but runs about 5 days!  He just got back to school for 2 weeks after missing an entire week of school!  UGH!  I pray no one else gets it, especially Sam.  Ya'll pray for us!

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Maija said...

You can count on me sending many prayers your way for all good things!