Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, I'm at home sick with my allergies giving me fits.  I have a Dr. appt. early tomorrow morning so I'm praying for some relief.  In the meantime, my mom just got out of the hospital after a 2 day stay and this morning, we received a call from my niece who will be 16 next month, to tell us she had to take her mom (my sister) to ER in Tampa where they live.  Come to find out, she had an ectopic pregnancy but had no clue of the pregnancy.  She is going to be fine but gosh, this is way too much emotional and health drama at once!  I'm very weary.
On another note, registration for Art Unraveled opens Friday so I got my envelope made today ready to go postal.  It can't be postmarked earlier than the 15th so I'm sitting on ready.  Lucky for me, mine is usually one of the first to arrive since I'm local.  This is my envy for this year.  
 by the way, if you have a decorated envy, your name goes in a drawing for prizes... and who doesn't like free stuff, huh?  For my envy, I added sheer fabrics with a photo of one of my watercolor paintings and encased it in vinyl, of course!  One of my favorite things!
Speaking of free stuff, I will be doing my drawing for my "just be" pendant and announcing a winner tomorrow!  I'm still shocked at the number of comments I had posted for it!  I think I'm at maybe 250?!  Wow!  I've found some great blogs through this give away also so that is exciting.  And of course, I hope to win something too!  :)


Connie said...

I hope you feel better soon, Angie!
Your envie is gorgeous - i wish i were going to AU too! The One World, One Heart event has been such fun!

Plain Jane said...

what a beautiful envelope! Hope you're better soon, and thanks for the plug on AU!!